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  • What is the minimum stay acceptable for workshop participants?

3 weeks. We encourage people who would only like to stay for a week to apply for the one-week conference.

  • Desired length for workshop participants?

4 weeks and above. Scientifically, the longer the visit, the better. A longer visit enables you to overlap more with other participants. Note that if your visit coincides with the conference, you must also register for the conference.

  • When determining who can participate in the program, is a priority given to participants who stay longer?

All else being equal, yes.

  • If a couple applies, is there an effort made to accommodate the application of both candidates together?

Yes, the program will try to accommodate couples.

  • Is there financial support for participants in the KITP workshop?

Financial support is based on need as indicated in the application. Affiliates (graduate students accompanying an invited participant) do not usually receive funding from KITP. There is a very small amount of funding available for students doing longer stays with their advisors; please contact us if this is of interest. Outstanding graduate students who wish to spend 5-6 months at KITP can apply for the KITP graduate fellowship, with deadline October 1 2022 for winter/spring 2023.

  • Is there extra family support?

Yes - Some family support (for children under 18) may be provided for visitors who stay more than 5 weeks. Priority is given to families with longer visits. Information on the family fund can be found here :

  • Is there help finding housing?

Yes - see this link :

  • Is there information about childcare?

Yes - see this link: .

School-age children can be enrolled in local schools; the Residence Manager can provide more information.

  • Is there a private space for breast feeding mothers?

Yes- there is a lactation room in Kohn Hall. Itís quite spare, but it has privacy, an electrical outlet, and a very comfortable chair.

  • General information for invited participants:

Further questions can be addressed to (Program Manager David Kaczorowski).

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